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Deborah Muriel Blum, actress in Berlin smoking a cigarette in a moody bar

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The actress Deborah Muriel Blum wearing a feather boa as a wig in Munich.


To say it in Marty Feldman's words: “Hello, I'm a Gnome!”

It all started with my pregnant mother walking through the streets of Zürich and standing in front of a showcase of the children's theatre. She wished for me to be brave and so when I arrived, she gave me the opportunity for it. So I fell in love with acting…

Over the years I collected many wonderful, exciting, challenging and really weird memories and experiences as an actress - to give one example: playing Marilyn Monroe and not finding the correct backstage door, and therefore being late for the applause and thus self-fulfillingly becoming the character. Not that I’m always making use of this technique!

After my acting education in Berlin, I continued to learn more about Lee Strasberg, Meisner and Stanislavski. This led me to wonderful teachers like John Strasberg and Anthony Montes in Berlin and Los Angeles.

Many things may be true, but from what I've experienced, there is one German saying which breaks it down for me: “Wir alle kochen nur mit Wasser”.

With that being said, I'm looking forward to what is yet to come and happily back to all the characters lived - and this is where the love letter ends, because of that very reason, “the many different lives” - I just love my job.

Have fun exploring, cheerio!

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